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P.U.N.Y. “Likes” FaceBook

Are you getting ready for the 2013 Pun-Off May 18? Need contestant tips, a carpool or a host to show you around Austin? Longing for a forum where you can hone your razor sharp wit and test your mettle?

Punsters United Nearly Yearly (P.U.N.Y.) has launched its own Facebook page.  Although neither of them could be considered moderate, David Gugenheim and Gary Hallock co-moderate the group with a very free-willing style and a welcoming attitude.

Screen shot 2013-04-15 at 12.59.06 AM

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The Ides of April are a Pun You!

Big Puns comedian marquee

The much-anticipated and wildly-sought-after O.fficial O.Punning of the 2013 O.Henry Pun-Off Registration page went live at noon on Monday, April 15.  Within the first 12 hours we were perilously close to filling most available contestant positions.  Of course we are continuing to register players in both Punniest of Show and PunSlingers but you must be prepared to linger a while on the stand-by list as we shake down our roster of wretched word wranglers.

These precious positions are going even quicker than we had expected this year and we do hope everyone had adequate warning.  The best way to stay “in the loop” is to go ahead and register now so you’ll get further email announcements and notices of openings as they inevitably occur.

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2012 Pun-Off (Official Results)

Austin, Texas. May 19, 2012: He may hail from Queens, New York, but Jerzy Gwiazdowski will rain for the next year as new Punniest of Show World Champion. Although he was a total newbie to our contest, Jerzy did arrive with some experience at competitive punning, having recently claimed a 2nd place honors in a PUNderdome competition in Brooklyn, New York.

For his 90-second PUNtastic presentation, Gwiazdowski scored a rare 40 out of a possible 40 points from our six-judge panel for 1st place. That left our 2011 Punniest of Show champ, Gracie “I Barely Know Her” Deegan of Austin, Texas with 2nd place and Benjamin Ziek of Glendale, California, (2011, 2010 PunSlingers champion) to receive a not-so-shabby 3rd place medal to show he’s still hardware it counts.

2012 Punniest of Show Winners

Jerzy Gwiazdowski , Gracie Deegan, Benjamin Ziek. Photo: Clay Leben

In the pun quick-draw shootout PunSlingers contest, 1st place was handily won by shooting star, Dav Wallace (2010 2nd place winner)  of Round Rock, Texas. Our two-year defending champ, Benjamin “Game Show Freak” Ziek, was punched out in the final round for 2nd place. The multi-medaled Andy Balinsky of Austin, Texas tied for 3rd place with another Austinite, 2009 PunSlingers and 2011 mmMVP winner Matt Pollock.

The 2012 mmMVP trophy was awarded by a vote of his fellow Pun-Off contestants to the newly crowned Punniest of Show champ Jerzy Gwiazdowski for his clever puns and significant skills in winning smiles.

URL welcome. Coordinator Gary “PunMeister” Hallock

Punslingers Winners 2012

Dav Wallace, Benjamin Ziek, Andy Balinsky, Matt Pollack. Photo: Clay Leben

Third Warm-Up Friday, May 11

The third of our weakly FRIDAY PUNSTER WARM-UP sessions will be held  Friday, May 11, 2012 from 6:30 to 9:30 pm at Joe’s Place, 1814 East Martin Luther King Drive, Austin, Texas (that’s the corner of MLK and Chicon.)  Continue reading

Second Punster Warm-Up

Join in on Friday, May 4,  6:30 – 9:30 pm

The second of our weakly FRIDAY PUNSTER WARM-UP sessions will gather in this week at THE NEW WORLD DELI, 4101 GUADALUPE, Austin, TX. These gatherings are designed to put everyone in the mood for the upcoming competition at the 35th Annual O.Henry Pun-Off World Championships on May 19th.  Continue reading