Pun-Off Haul of Fame

In 2017 we celebrate the 40th anniversary of Austin’s original wordy event with an exhibit of photos and memorabilia on display in the Susanna Dickinson Museum.

new hysterical marker

Hysterical marker for 40th anniversary.

The House of Pun hysterical marker reads as follows:

“Hear is the sight where we celebrate forty years and jeers of a whirled champion ship groin here in the violet crown city of Austin, Texas. For too score and several puns ago, many have gathered hear in the now fuller Brush Square for the mirth time. These men and women have create a new word order. A flicked with paronomasia and sever malaproprisms, they have been known to circumvent the word in eighty ways. The O. Henry Museum Pun-Off World Championships is for those who support adult alliteration of all ages for armature poets and those pun on pro prose alike. Our hard-corpse of faithful punsters mecca trek to Austin each spring and they come in throngs. Actually it’s only one throng, because it’s a quasi-religious experience and everyone knows two throngs don’t make a rite.”

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One response to “History

  1. Dear Fellow Punsters,
    My name is Julian Chagrin, I’m a British Mime/Comedian, Writer, Director and Pun Addict!
    For info about me please Google ‘Julian Chagrin Youtube’ and my website : http:www.julian-chagrin.com
    I’ve just spent the last 2 years creating RIDDLEPIX ™, a PUN BASED PICTURE computer game.
    My business partner is now in the States and he’s just tested it on a few people of different strata of society (admittedly in New Jersey!) and to my dismay it doesn’t seem to work too well with Americans and I don’t know why. And as Americans are meant to be our main audience I’m a mite worried (British understatement!)
    Do you have a Punning tradition in the USA like we do in the UK?

    If anyone is interested in viewing a sample of Riddlepix™ please contact me at: julian.chagrin@gmail.com
    and I will rush you an attachment of assorted Pun Pix Puzzles!
    If you could ever find the time to take a quick glance at them and give me some advice on why it’s not working I will be eternally grateful!!!

    Very Best Wishes,
    Julian Chagrin

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