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Punniest of show video

Prolific Pun-Off videographer Brian Combs uploaded most 2012 Punniest of Show contestants plus the award ceremony and music from the Greatest American Heroes band. Note: This is a continuous playlist of 30 videos. To jump to your favorite video, click on the <playlist> button to the right of the video time duration.

on-demand punslingers Video at

Like last year we broadcast live video on to 20 to 25 lucky viewers during the event. Below you can watch the live video stream, but we recommend you select one of the on-demand clips because this allows you to click on the time line underneath the video picture to jump backward or forward. (Sorry, the ads are automatically inserted by Livestream.) The Punslingers 4-hour video stream starts with the auction (skip to 15:45 for first round contestants and follow the contestant match-up diagram below.) We apologize that portions of Punniest of Show live stream were not recorded due to Wi-Fi glitches, but check-out Brian Comb’s YouTube video clips in the playlist above. Thank you to Clay Leben for producing the LiveStream video.

Punslingers 2012 Contestant Match-Ups

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