How can I compete?

Registration Is Full! – Position is nine tense of the law!

Update May 12: Cold Feats & Corn Flix : Although registration for both Punniest of Show and Punslingers is full, as expected, we’ve flushed out a few pairs of cold feet and conflicted schedules. A number of contestants have dropped off both of our confirmed lists and the “stand-bys” are moving up. In fact, we have an even 32 pre-registered in Punniest of Show with NOBODY on that waiting list. If you have the urge and the nerve there’s still a full week before you’ll be expected to prove your mettle to claim that medal. Feel lucky, punk! Well, do you? Sign up here. You might be surprised!  

Line Forms At the End

Much to our delight and amazement all 32 contestant positions for both Punniest of Show and Punslingers filled up within the first 24 hours of opening the registration page on Sunday, April 15th as scheduled (actual opening was 3 pm.) If this took you by surprise, all hope may not be lost since we usually have about a 20% drop-off/no show rate before the contest.  We recommend you fill out the on-line form so you will be added to the stand-by names and show up at 11 to Noon and sign-in just in case! You will be informed by email privately when/if you move up to lucky competitor status from the stand-by list. 

We have many other ways you can participate in fun and foolishness with us this year. PunMeister, Gary Hallock hosts warm-up gatherings for contestants each Friday prior to the contest. We also have a Facebook group where you can follow announcements and comment. Beyond that you can subscribe to email lists at and where you can banter, volley and thrust your puns upon others daily.

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  1. How will I know if I’ve been accepted? Will you post the participants or will we get an email?

  2. leerlessfeeder

    We do want to keep all registrants informed of any news that is relevant to potential contestants but no mailings have yet been made to confirm anyone’s status, above or below the cut. Over the course of the next few weeks we intend to make regular mailings to the entire registrant list without regard to whether or not they are “in the money.” We have no plans to publicly display a list of confirmed contestants until the day of the event. Anyone who submitted a registration later than noon on Monday, April 16 should presume they are on the “standby lust.” There are always a few drop-offs but we can’t predict or promise when or if this will happen. As contestant sluts open up, affected registrants will be privately updated on their new position in the queue.

  3. leerlessfeeder

    #### Special warm-up event. Today, Thursday, April 26####
    The more-or-less monthly meeting of the CENTRAL TEXAS WORDPLAY group will meet in this evening at Opal Divine’s Freehouse @ Penn Field from 6-9pm to play Boggle, Scrabble and/or BananaGrams. There are usually pun-a-plenty at these gatherings but this time it’s sure to become a punning free-for-all as some of us are in desperate need of beginning our warm-up for the May 19th contest. Actual address is 3601 S.Congress.

  4. leerlessfeeder

    If you would like detailed updates on other Pun-Off related activities and groups, please join us on FaceBook.

  5. leerlessfeeder

    #### Pun-Off warm-up. Tomorrow, Friday, April 27 – 6:30-9:30pm ####

    The first of our weakly FRIDAY PUNSTER WARM-UP sessions will gather in this week at THE POURHOUSE PUB @ 6701 BURNET RD., Austin, TX. These gatherings are designed to put everyone in the mood for the upcoming competition at the 35th Annual O.Henry Pun-Off World Championships on May 19th.

    Whether you’re a newbie contestant, a grizzled veteran or just a pun appreciator, you are encouraged to attend these freewheeling sessions and start getting your feats wit. We will be holding similar gatherings at various venues each Friday right up until the big PUNY dinner/roast on May 18, the eve of the contest. If you crave more info on this or any other Pun-Off relevant events you might want to join us on our FaceBook group.