Pun-Off preparation getting in-tents!

Noose You Can Use!

bigtent02_adamscanopy At the 2015 O.Henry Pun-Off World Championships, the COMPETITION WILL BE IN TENTS. Although we initially supposed tents would serve to protect the audience from shady characters, the Austin weather forecast is now for 60% rain on Saturday. So we can actually justify the erection of this 40 x 80 foot circus tent over our stage and audience area this year. We don’t want a repeat of 2009 when we were unexpectedly “reigned” into the Hilton Hotel.


The O.Henry Museum and Austin Parks and Recreation Department have spared no expense to ensure the audience will be sitting pretty in dry and cool comfort as we pummel you with puns on Saturday, May 9th. Kudos to PARD for taking our brand of foolishness so seriously and enrolling us iour tent rental vendorn their “wetness protection program.” Want to rent your own tent? Visit Adam’s Canopy.

It’s A Chair-ity Event

We also are going to have lots of folding chairs to sit in this year instead of bleacher seating. Of course, we encourage you to bring blankets and spread out on the grass. Bring umbrellas too.

Keep ommmpanadas food truckn Truckin’

We also have three food trucks who will donate a portion of their sales to Brush Square Museums, so bring on your hunger games. In  addition, the Brush Square Museum Foundation volunteers will sell bottles of ice-cold water. Remember, City park rules forbid open alcohol containers. This year’s food vendors include:

SlabBBQ (http://www.realdopebbq.com/) and on Facebook
Kona Ice Austin (http://www.kona-ice.com/) and on Facebook
Mmmpanadas (http://mmmpanadas.com/) and on Facebook

kona ice austin van

Slab BBQ logo

7 responses to “Pun-Off preparation getting in-tents!

  1. Rain is NOT allowed on 5/9. Sun and I are traveling from Raleigh NC to Austin for the soul porpoise of attending the pun-off. If it’s going to rein, I hereby reserve a sit-in under the taunt.

  2. I don’t know wet we would have done if they hadn’t thought of this. I can’t wait to soak in all the good word play. This competition’s reputation might have been mud, had they not come up with this great plan.

    • Water you waiting for? Shake off any clouds of doubt and come weather it out with us. Even if I didn’t forecast you earlier, we’d love to bluster the day away with you.