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Winners 2019

Punniest of Show
1st Jerzy Gwiazdowski
2nd Sam Corbin
3rd Erika Ettin

1st Allison Fisher
2nd Arun Debray
Tied for 3rd Jerry Yan, Michael Maskin

Sam Corbin

Emcees & 2019 Winners Punniest of Show
Emcees: Aaron Fasel & Gary Hallock. Winners: 3rd Erika Ettin, 2nd Sam Corbin, 1st Jerzy Gwiazdowski. Photo: Clay Leben
PunSlingers Winners: 3rd Jerry Yan, mmMVP Sam Corbin, 2nd Arun Debray, 1st Allison Fisher, 3rd Michael Maskin (Photo: Clay Leben)

Watch the live stream YouTube recording HERE


Punniest of Show Results

PunSlingers Rounds