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2012 T-Shirt Design

2012 T-shirtGive your stamp of approval to the 2012 Pun-Off T-shirt design!! Artist Quinn Argall played off the new US postal stamp design that commemorates the 150th anniversary of O. Henry’s birthday on September 11, 2012. He replaced the urban NYC city skyline of the official stamp with Austin’s marked by the Texas capitol and UT Tower. The image of young O. Henry (William Sydney Porter) with handle bar mustache is based upon an 1880’s photo when he lived in Austin.  Continue reading

The Shirts Offer Back!

We are shirts important to you to have an O.Henry Pun-Off with a souvenir T-shirt to help you cherish the mammaries. We are still working on the art for this year’s addition. The shirt will be celebrating the 150th Anniversary of O. Henry’s birth on September 11, 1862. The USPS is issuing a commemorative stamp this year and we expect to push that envelope a bit further.

We do still have some tease laughed-over from 2011 which should be able for purchase at the event this jeer.

2011 Pun-Off t-shirt design