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The Reel Deal

Over 36 jears of punning, film makers have tried to capture the Pun-Off World Championships heart-stopping stories, most notably, the celebrated Pun-Smoke: Search for the Worst.  Therefore, we are pleased to announce this latest tall tales effort by Wildwood Docs.

“ART OF THE PUN: A DOCUMENTARY” is a character-driven feature documentary in pre-production now about puns, punsters, and the art of punning as set in Austin, Texas and the 36th Annual O. Henry Pun-Off World Championships. We want to get to know YOU and highlight your role in the world/community of punning you love so much. Continue reading

Today’s Pun – September 7, 2012

Name the best Punniest of Show entry to use star wars?

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Today’s Pun – August 29, 2012

Popular 1974 Ray Stevens musical tribute to nudist runner?

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We’re in the Paper!

Punniest of Show contestant Alexandra Petri from Washington D. C. who finished a very respectable 4th place in her first Pun-Off wrote about her experience in her Washington Post blog. We joked that she’s quite a dish, but she’s really a philosophical writer!

The judges gored her routine 36 points.

Well Done Medium

Live Video (Maybe)

We are hoping to did live stream some of the Pun-Off on its own page. If the picture freezes or we exceed 50 viewers, refresh and try again. I apologize in advance if it doesn’t work. Please tweet with the hashtag #punoff2012.

Pun-Off makes fortune

The May 2012 Fortune Magazine has a feature story on the 2011 Pun-Off with a sketch of Punster of the Year John Pollack.