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Tonight’s Schmovie Event

2438 West Anderson Lane, Suite B – 512-454-2399

(Find on Google Maps)

May 8 Schmovie


Traditional Topics for Punslingers

FAQ: What topics are flung at contestants in Punslingers? Answer: Not all topics below are used every year and new ones may be added at the event, but these topics are traditional ones. Email P .U.N.Y . with your suggestions for new pun topics to gary [at] hallock.net. Continue reading

Friday April 26 Punster Warm-up

The first of our series of Friday Punster Warm-up gatherings will take place this week at  Joe’s Place @1814 E. MLK in central Austin.
If you’ve never attended one of these informal gatherings, you are really in for a treat.

Pun-Off organizers and contestants have a chance to mingle and spar (pun) with a cooperative and educational mindset designed to get your creative juices flowing. These are very loose and free-flowing gatherings and we do hope that you’ll be able to drop in and let us entertain and/or intimidate you with our sparkling wit and welcoming attitude.

Target timeframe is 6:30 – 9-ish. Look for the table full of Punslingers. We’re not hard to find but we’re tough to ignore.Shameless plugs

Today’s Pun – December 18, 2012

Tuesday:  More lateral thinking puzzles!

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Today’s Pun – December 17, 2012

Monday,  Lateral thinking puzzles!

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