When and Where?

What is the date for the 2012 O.Henry Pun-Off World Championships?  I’m so glad you asked! Its 11 AM to 6 PM, Saturday, May 19, 2012 at the O.Henry and Dickinson Museums in downtown Austin, Texas (409 E. Fifth Street.)  The contestant registration form is open, but only for stand-by sign-up.  If you’re itching for more inflammation, sign-up now for your P.U.N.Y. dinner/roast reservation. (There’s a separate form just for that!) 

4 responses to “When and Where?

  1. I sure would like to be a part of the May 19th event! I grew up in Austin, but I’ve lived in California for many, many years. This would be something of a redemtive move since I sort of had to leave because of all my bad puns, I mean good puns.

    I’d especially like be in the Punslinger portion. If I can enter both events, my cadre of supporters will overwhelm the banquet!

    It’d be great to have a heads up about how to get into the deal.



    • leerlessfeeder

      Yes, you will be allowed (but not required) to enter both events. PUNNIEST OF SHOW is the first of our two competitions and begins at noon. PUNSLINGERS follows at about 2:30 or 3pm. You WILL need to be pre-register online but that portion of the website won’t open until mid April. Please note: Online registration only secures your position in line. You WILL need to be present on the day of the competition BEFORE NOON to secure your contestant packet and be confirmed. Yes, it’s good to “‘ave a cadre” at the banquet on Friday, May 18. After all, it’s Mexican food!

      Beast twitches,


  2. vagabondsoul

    How and where do I register? Is this open to Canadians?

    • leerlessfeeder

      We expect to be able to open the registration page by mid-April. (Your inquiry here should trigger a personal email notice) Registering there does NOT secure your position as a contestant, it merely puts you in the queue. On the day of the event (May 19) any contestant positions that remain unclaimed at noon are first assigned to those on the waiting list and then to walk-ups.

      Open to Canadians? Are you kidding? We always count on having a few aliens just to justify our “World Championships” status.

      Boast wedgies,