2017 POTY Winners: The Pun Gents

What is the POTY Award?

The Punster of the Year Award (POTY) was an annual award and dinner hosted for eons by the International Save the Pun Foundation chaired by Norm Gilbert, but more recently in Austin, Texas at the O. Henry Museum Pun-Off World Championships and by Punsters United Nearly Yearly (PUNY.) Everyone is invited to the award ceremony on Friday, May 12, 2017, 7 pm, in Brush Square outside behind the O. Henry Museum. If you’re hungry, we’ll kick off the evening two block away at 6 pm with a fajita buffet at Micheladas Cafe y Cantina. (Map)

This Year’s Wurst Wieners

Rhain Louis and Pat Tanzola, aka The Pun Gents are two pun guys from Toronto, Canada who have fouled some of the finest shrooms with their relentless schtink. They have been dishing up fresh and original homonymic crimes at www.pungents.com since 2004, posting original puns each day for more than a baker’s dozen years. No wonder they’re up here, rolling in the d’oh!  Pat and Rhain are two higher education dropouts who decided that 4 university degrees between them was enough – and so they both quit school to write puns. Clearly they have been pun-ished enough. Pungents.com was initially intended as a get-rich-quick scheme. Millions of page loads later, the Gents keep it running in their spare time even though they have learned that punning isn’t all about income, it’s about the outcome.

More Biography

2017 POTY Winners!

The Gents met in a Toronto high school in 1992 (Time Travelers take note if you want to go back and prevent their rhymes against humanity). They are brothers from different mothers they were both born on the same day in 1978, they are both left-handed, and they both have bony knees. So they are indeed bonified POTY-mouths.

The Gents have been featured on a prominent Canadian reality television show and have had numerous newspaper articles written about them. They believe in sharing their talents with those who are creatively less fortunate, so they are renowned-slash-denounced for their Puns on Demand service, where requests for custom wedding hashtags, charity tennis team names, roller derby monikers and ‘I need a pun that rhymes with orange’ are fulfilled within 24 hours, if you pay them, and within 24 years if you don’t.
Now in their late 30s, the Gents have groan into wordy old men obsessed with hard-core punography: they feature many beautiful pun lovers in their Punshine Girls and Punshine Boys collection. If you’re feeling fame-ished then visit the PunGents booth at the Punoff and they’ll snap your picture and instantly ruin your political career via Twitter. Hashtag #ohenrypunoff.
Pun Gent Pat Tanzola is a persistent Punniest of Show contestant, having competed in the Annual O. Henry Pun-Off World Championships in 2005, 2007, and 2009, narrowly avoiding victory each time. While Pun Gent Rhain Louis has so far managed to avoid besmirching his reputation with pun-blic displays of affliction.

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