How to be a contestant

Registration o-pun april 1st at noon!
fools rush in where angels fear to pun!

The opening date for online contestant registration for Punniest of Show and PunSlingers is Tuesday, April 1st at NOON central daylight time (-5 GMT.)  The registration form page will magically appear in the About Pun-Off 2014 menu on the site! You need to act quickly because it will fool up fast.

There are 32 openings available for each contest as well as stand-by lists in the event of participant drop-outs, which ALWAYS DOES HAPPEN! – Don’t be afraid to sign up even after all the positions have been snatched.  Dope springs internal!

We will notify everyone who registered of their contestant and stand-by status position, so please be patient. If you advance to contestant status from stand-by, we’ll send you a notification email. We always seem to have a few no-shows so check-in May 10th at the Pun-Off registration table before noon.

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