Live Video 2017

Updated Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sorry! There were broadcast connection problems at the beginning. Hope you were monitoring #punoffATX on Twitter for updates and found your way to the Brush Square Museum Foundation Facebook page to watch PunSlingers (3:22:38 hours) live yesterday. Check out the Friday evening videos of practice punning and POTY award to the PunGents also on

(Remain Calm. Let this page load the 4 Facebook video players below.)

Punslingers – Starting at Round 1, Topic: Picture, through Semi-Finals, and Final between Dav Wallace & Jerzy Gwiazdowski (3:22:38 hours)

Punslingers – Round 1 (one topic Metal) 3:13 minutes

Punniest of Show – After a rocky start to the live stream, we chose YouTube to broadcast starting with contestant #8 to the climactic clap-off for 3rd place. We experimented with Facebook live for contestants 3 and 4, Kate McMordie and Emily Parrish.

Music By Shinyribs (web page)

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