Live Stream Video 2016

[Updated May 8] We didn’t make any promises because connection speeds and our amateur tech skills made this risky, but we did live broadcast over 5 hours of the 2016 Annual O. Henry Pun-Off, which you can watch in the player above.  We started streaming before NOON (CDT) with Texas swing music played by Emily Gimble and the Free Range Playboys followed by Punniest of Show and wrapped when Punslingers concluded after 6 PM.

After Punniest of Show, our iPad batteries ran down so far that we needed to stop and recharge multiple times. We still managed to record McClughan Memorial Most Viable Punster Award (mmMVP) 2016 winner Janani Krishna-Jha vs Jerzy Gwiazdowski (jump to 4 hr 28 min on the video.) Janani is 17 years old and already accepted to attend Harvard, and she received a standing ovation for her Punslinger battle with Jerzy, the 2015 mmMVP winner and POS winner. Unfortunately, we missed some great Punslinger matchups including the final round between Ben Ziek and Tim Donnelly.

But all was not lost, Brian Combs has since uploaded 39 recorded videos of the entire event to YouTube as a 2016 Pun-Off Playlist.

Despite our live technical difficulties, we would like to know if you enjoyed the puns?  Tweet your favorites to #punoffatx and join us next year in May to experience the 40th Annual O. Henry Pun-Off World Championships in person.

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