PUNY Reception October 16, 2020

Scott Hilburn

2019 POTY Scott Hilburn receiving his award at the PUNY dinner from Gary Hallock.

Members of Punsters United Nearly Yearly (P.U.N.Y.)  will hold a free reception to announce the 2020 Punster of the Year (POTY) winner on  Friday, October 16th from 6 to 10 pm.

The reception and buffet location will be announced when we know it.  Come meet 2020 Punster of the Year (P.O.T.Y.) and the other Pun-Off contestants.

You need not be a PUNY member or Pun-Off contestant to attend. Plans are being made for a free buffet dinner and drinks provided by Brush Square Museums Foundation.  Special souvenir items will be auctioned and donations will be collected from those who can give something. Punsters of all types welcome including family and friends.

The camaraderie will be to diet for.

If you’ve attended one of these PUNY receptions in previous years, I’m sure you’ll understand the way it works and how entertaining it can be. Besides the riddles, pun-practice rounds, and first-timer advice, we will eventually toast the 2020 Punster of the Year winner (see all the past POTY winners)  This is always an un-fork edible experience so come prepared to take a jab at our honoree to see that they is properly done.

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