mmMVP Award

McClughan Memorial
Most Viable Punster Award (mmMVP)

George McClughanIn 2001 the O.Henry Pun-Off instituted a new award, enigmatically known as the “MVP Trophy.” Only those contestants competing in the Pun-Off were allowed to vote for one of their own to be elected as the “most viable punster” of the contest, an idea that was first proposed by George McClughan.

However, in 2002 George McClughan passed away exactly three months after winning yet another of his many Punniest of Show trophies and medals. The following year, the mmMVP award was re-named in his honor and was presented to his widow at the 26th Annual O.Henry Pun-Off World Championships on May 3, 2003  

Since the MVP award was George McClughan’s brainchild, it was re-named in his honor as the “McClughan Memorial Most Viable Punster Award” (mmMVP) in recognition of George’s many years of passionate devotion and service to the Annual O.Henry Pun-Off World Championships. The award plaque reads:

In fond memory of his dedicated service to the art and craft of the wit in word, this trophy will be annually awarded in his honor and hereafter known as the “McClughan Memorial Most Viable Punster Award” (mmMVP)”

Roster of mmmvp award Winners

  • 2001: Gita Mani
  • 2002: Gita Mani
  • 2003: Carlotta Stankiewicz
  • 2004: Brian Oakley & Steven Fuller
  • 2005: Chris Caillouet
  • 2006: Valerie Ward
  • 2007: Eirik Ott
  • 2008: Valerie Ward
  • 2009: Andy Balinsky
  • 2010: Jacob Dodson
  • 2011: Matt Pollock
  • 2012: Jerzy Gwiazdowski
  • 2013: Alexandra Petri
  • 2014: Alexandra Petri
  • 2015: Jerzy Gwiazdowski
  • 2016: Janani Krishna-Jha
  • 2017: Jerzy Gwiazdowsk
  • 2018: Annica Eagle
  • 2019: Sam Corbin

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