Punster Of The Year 2013

congratulationS – David Gugenheim

David G gets certificate

Every year, since 1988, the International Save the Pun Foundation (I.S.T.P.F.) has bestowed upon a worthy wordsmith, the dubious honor of “Punster of the Year.” (P.O.T.Y.) In 2002 the induction ceremony was re-located from Chicago, Illinois to Austin, Texas and presented at a dinner held on the eve of the Annual O. Henry Pun-Off World Championships. This festive evening often culminates in a “roast” by a room fool of sharp wits where the POTY’s peers carve up the winner. (Know more, Mr. Knife guy?)


Before David was old enough to attend pierogi-al school, his folks taco trip down to San Antonio. Before there was a web to surf, he was reading pun-filled books by Bennett Cerf, which left him with a slightly Bennett sense of humor. But when his mother asked who was his favorite author, he blurted out, ”Ma, Seuss!” His favorite book by the good doctor was about the day Noah got jealous of his more studly son: “Green Eyes on Ham.”

His favorite toy was his Tickle Me Alamo doll, but other toys were filled with mercury or asbestos and coated in lead paint, when milk chocolate wasn’t available. He’s been toxin his listeners’ patience and attracted to heavy metals ever since. In fact, his favorite cocktail is a Harvey Headbanger. Being Austin-taciously talented, he was attracted to the cuties at UT, who gave him a reputation for having a Longhorn. After graduating, he made his market in advertising, and badly retouching photographs using the program Photoslop.

A glutton for puns, his true destiny was either to win the Pun-Off or the Tour de France. His close friends notice that he keeps cycling, but he could never Schwinn a race, since he didn’t have an Armstrong. He was sweet but couldn’t keep up with his cyclist mates. He was, however, well spoken so he entered his first Pun-Off in 1983. After winning six metals, and a plastic first place trophy, David made the leap to emcee crew in 2007. Thirty years after his first contest, as a PUNY-tive measure, he was named Punster of the Year.

David often enjoys long walks, briefly enjoys small shiny objects, and – Look at that butterfly! – trying to find his way home. He’s a movie buff, whose favorite film is about a dog-loving family from Louisiana, “The Happiness of the Catahoulas.” Gugenheim is currently working on his first film, about a Mexican vampire, titled, “Pelicula.” He resides in Austin with a pet iPad and the number 42.


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