Video 2011

UT students created this introductory video about the Pun-Off that aired on Austin’s local public television KLRU!

Pun-Off 2011 YouTube Play List

Brian Combs recorded all 32 contestants in the 2011 Punniest of Show. To select contestants from the playlist of 41 videos (Note: there are duplicates,) click on the playlist menu in the upper left corner next to the video title.


 Punslingers Live Streaming Video

Because it was streamed live, the slow frame rate of the recorded video is to be expected. However, the video is more or less continuous as PunSlingers happened (2 hours 43 minutes.) It’s possible to click on the timeline and jump to a specific time spot. Video ends with award ceremony: 1st Place: Benjamin Ziek, 2nd Place:  Dav Wallace, 3rd Place:  Jason Epstein.  [Streaming video recorded by Clay Leben.]

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