Live music at the Pun-Off

The Greatest American Heroes ( and the O. Henry Pun-Off represent all the weirdness Austin has to offer. While not as old as the Pun-Off, the Greatest American Heroes have been playing TV theme songs in Austin since 2001. If you think about it, 13 years (or 13 seasons) is longer than most TV shows last. No one has ever challenged their self-christened title of “Austin’s Favorite TV Theme Song Band.”
greatest american heroes

Greatest American Heroes

Come to Brush Square at 11:00 am when the Greatest American Heroes opens the Pun-Off.

Besides being longtime fans of the Pun-Off, the Greatest American Heroes have a deeper connection with the Pun-Off. Bass player Francis McGrath has twice earned first place in Punniest of Show making him an official two-timer. In 1998, his “Alphabet Song” garnished him extra fame by being featured on the Dr. Dimento program: In 2005, he earned his second victory with “Star Wars: The Musical, just four days before “Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith” opened in theaters.


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