The Ides of April are a Pun You!

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The much-anticipated and wildly-sought-after O.fficial O.Punning of the 2013 O.Henry Pun-Off Registration page went live at noon on Monday, April 15.  Within the first 12 hours we were perilously close to filling most available contestant positions.  Of course we are continuing to register players in both Punniest of Show and PunSlingers but you must be prepared to linger a while on the stand-by list as we shake down our roster of wretched word wranglers.

These precious positions are going even quicker than we had expected this year and we do hope everyone had adequate warning.  The best way to stay “in the loop” is to go ahead and register now so you’ll get further email announcements and notices of openings as they inevitably occur.

Of course missing this narrow prime-time window for early registration doesn’t have to mean that you’re shut out of the competition. We recognize that being on the stand-by list is frustrating and might complicate your travel plans, but it’s certainly better than spending May 18 in your own altered state, perhaps misery! (For the record – we usually end up with several open positions to fill on the day of the contest because many of our pun-intender-foots will get culled feats.)

Watchword for April 15th: PUNSTERS DON’T MESH WITH TAXES

Frightened ManFrightened Man

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