Tag your photos and video #punoff2013

Over the past 36 jears, the Pun-Off World Championships contestant wordplay has been preserved in numerous video recordings. George McClughan started the tradition in the late 80’s using Austin Community Access Television (ACTV) equipment, recording on 3/4 inch U-matic reels. Before he tragically passed away, he assembled a 10-year retrospective tape (1989-1999) from his collection. (Come to the Friday, PUNY dinner when we plan to watch some of it together.)

Friends of the O.Henry & Dickinson Museum board member Walter Protzman also takes hundreds of photographs every year, including all the contestants on stage and behind the scenes volunteers.

During the past decade, volunteers Clay Leben, Brian Combs, and Open Road Media producers Casey Bruce, Cameron Burr, and Mark Morgan carried on George McClugan’s tradition of preserving whole Punniest of Show and Punslinger performances as well as creating documentary contestant stories. For several years, City of Austin community cable Channel 6 has also recorded Punniest of Show. Clay Leben also managed to produce Livesteam.com video streams during the 2010, 2011, and 2012 Pun-Offs that were watched live by as many as 50 viewers from as far away as Alaska. However, Clay won’t be able to attend this year because he’s attending his nephew’s wedding. (I know, poor excuse for a true P.U.N.Y. member!)

Share your recordings of Pun-Off 2013

If you record with a video camera or capture video or photos with your cell phone, let’s all share! Tag your video or pictures with #punoff2013 so we can search and find them later.

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