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January 1, 2015, Austin, Texas, USA

After months of exhaustive searching and researching, the “Bored of Governors” of the International Save The Pun Foundation (ISTPF) has finally separated the suite from the gaff and is ready to reveal their annual compilation of The 10 Best-Stressed Puns of 2014 (See list below).

Since 1978 when J. S. Crosbie founded the ISTPF in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, it has been a word-leader in the presentation and perpetration of worthy wordplay. Today this tradition is carried on threw out the cyber-sphere by members of P.U.N.Y. (Punsters United Nearly Yearly,) a closely affiliated support group spawned by the perspicacious punslingers of the O.Henry Pun-Off World Championships in Austin, Texas.

You can find more information on both groups onĀ Facebook or follow #PunOff 2015, @leerlessfeeder, or @PUNY2015 on Twitter.

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TODAY’S PUN – December 7, 2012

Would you believe it! Still more daffynitions!

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TOPDAY’S PUN – December 6,2012

Once again, still more daffynitions.

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TODAY’S PUN – December 5, 2012

And, still more daffynitions!

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TODAY’S PUN – December 4, 2012

More daffynitions!

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