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Snatch and Grab Pun-Off Press

Logo LA WeeklyA weighty “you-were-there” guide to this year’s O. Henry Pun-Off World Championships by Zachary Pincus-Roth in a LA Weekly feature story At the World Pun Championships, Victory Is Easier Said Than Punned is a thoughtful character profile of the 2014 Punslinger and Punniest of Show winners including local LA punmeister Ben Ziek, Washington D.C.’s Alexandra Petri, and Austinites Matt Pollock, Andy Balinsky, and Dav Wallace. Pincus-Roth paints a detailed picture of the entire two-day event, including the Friday night dinner wordplay honoring the Punster of the Year (P.O.T.Y.) Unlike most reporting about the Pun-Off, Pincus-Roth actually shares numerous puns made by the competitors so you can groan along! We rate this article a 10!

Newly Discovered Pun-Off Coverage

Thanks to David Moye for his May 18th article in Huff Post Weird News.

Also a shout out on his short post and photos by Arthur VanRooy in The Horn

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Puns In The Press

San Antonio writer Gary S. Whitford says he can’t make a pun, but he writes an excellent Sunday column for The Rivard Report called Every Word Counts about writing well with words. He just submitted a profile of first-time Pun-Off contestant and San Antonio resident Mark Eells and his experiences on stage this year.

Mark Eells – San Antonio punster

It’s a fine read with a bit of Pun-Off lore thrown in about O. Henry and his writing legacy, which includes several months living in San Antonio. We invite more San Antonio wordsmiths to join us at next year’s 37th Annual Pun-Off World Championships.