Today’s Pun – August 27, 2012

A Shaggy Dog Story

Pedro the son of a hard-working woodcutter, announced he was going to his first village fair. His father agreed that he could  go, but as the young man headed out on his donkey, his Father called out, “Just remember, Pedro, that you must take the long way home if it’s after midnight! Whatever you do, do not  go through the Magic Forest! ”

Pedro, despite his father’s warning, it was after midnight when he chose the path home via the Magic Forest. Midway along the path, a gnome appeared and shaking his fist at Pedro, admonished, “How dare you trespass in the Magic Forest! Just for that, I am going to change your mule into a dragon!


“BOOM” there was Pedro riding home on his converted beast.

Father was waiting up for Pedro and asked, “Are you all right?”

“Yes, but I must admit, my ass is dragon!”

By Edward Townsend, Knoxville Tennessee

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