Today’s Pun – November 28, 2012

Funny marriages made in heaven.

What would her name be?

If Dolly Parton marries Salvador Dhali, her name would be Dolly Dahli.

If Olivia Newton John marries Wayne Newton, divorces him and then marries Elton John, she would be named OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN NEWTON JOHN!

If Liv Ullman marries Judge Lance Lance Ito, divorces him, and marries Jerry Matthers, she would be named LIV ITO BEAVER!

If Ivana Trump marries Orson Bean, divorces him, hooks up with King Oscar, abdicates him and marries Norbert Weiner, her name would be IVANA BEAN OSCAR MAYER WEINER !

Make up punny marriages made in heaven, and write them in the comments.

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