Today’s Pun – October 22, 2012

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The Pioneers headed west in covered wagons. Because there were so many of them, the wagons were known as “common stogas.” – Cyn
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The men directing the travel of the Pioneers were known as stage coaches. – Stan
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Lacking mufflers or ear muffs to protect from the harsh winter winds, they fashioned crude muffs out of pine cones. That is why they were called “pine ears.” –  Cyn
Local Indian tribes made a lively hood selling coffee to the westward bound. The most well known was the Pawnee Expresso. – Gary Reeves
Didja hear about the impersonator who stole a horse and made a mail run? He was a phony express rider. – Jim
Some pioneers were wealthy enough to travel west on the railroad. They would load their families, all their earthly goods and even the family dog into a waggin’ train.  – Gary Hallock
Didja hear about the wit who complained that he was always being told one of his own stories? It was a plain case of the tale dogging the wag. – Jim
These wagon trains that took pioneers out west were quite luxurious. Some even had separate smoking cars where gentlemen could go to light up their cigars. They called this coach the “conestogie.” – Gary Hallock
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Werner Erhardt joined the group, when he heard an inner voice urge him, “Go EST, young man. Go eST.”

Actually the voice belonged to a newspaperman who decorated his home so spookily every Halloween that he became known as “Horrors” Greely. – Cyn

Isn’t that they guy who lived in a one Horace town? Neigh, I may be wrong. – Jim
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You’re thinking of the originator of the Gallop Poll. – Cyn

No, I was actually thinking of that chef who rides a horse: the galloping gourmet. – Jim

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